Partner Programs

Riby is Nigeria's foremost digital platform for cooperatives and trade groups. We help members of these groups access financial services like savings and loans through our platform. Our aim is to help millions of Africans achieve better financial access and stability.



Providing our technology & cooperative management expertise enumeration, Onboarding and management of the farmers as a group, access to finance for the farmers by using our platform to facilitate all transactional activities


This platform helps retailers to have a faster & stress-free delivery of stocks from FMCG. This also helps FMCG companies record base give out proper access to loans & other services based on their knowledge about the activities surrounding their products


This is a Programme to support Traders across different markets with a non-collateral loan. This is with the support of Bank of Industry to boost economy.

GEEP Marketmoni

This is a Programme to support small/medium scale enterprise across different regions in Nigeria, providing business owners with funds to grow their businesses.

Farm Zone

A marketplace for farmers to trade their crops and other stakeholders like the off-takers to be able to have access to a variety of crops or from multiple farmers, while giving a proper record base for farmers to access loans and other financial services.