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What We Do

At Riby we help you manage your finance, get access to cash
and other valuable financial offers.

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Riby Group Finance

The Riby Group Finance Platform helps you manage your group members, process transactions, collect dues and record financial data for your cooperative societies, company groups, professional bodies and other types of groups.

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Riby Peer Lending

Our PeerLending platform automates the process of peers lending peers within a group or company with repayment done through salary deductions and standing orders.

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Riby Amplified

Riby Amplified is our agent network management application embbeded with multiple channels such as web, mobile, USSD & SMS; used for user acquisition and engagement.

Riby is a financial technology solutions company. We provide simple and smart finance management platforms. Our solutions provide cooperatives, company groups, employees, individuals, associations, and financial development institutions a platform to manage their financial activities. These solutions can also be customized to solve specific client problems and provide financial services.

Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track. - Natasha Munson

Products/Customer Use Cases

Here's how our smart finance solutions are beign used
today by various partners and user groups!

Amazing Features

Riby Finance offers the best financial management services for groups, individuals and cooperatives.
The most exciting part is our affordable interest rates on our Riby PeerLending platform

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Better Rates

Our rates are simple and fair. Our rating system allows us to give more employees access to fair finance

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Easy Payments

Access to payment through virtual and Plastic visa card and mobile money wallet

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Secure Transactions

We have the best Network Engineers to ensure an End to End Encryption on our dedicated server's our system are always fully secured

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