What we do

Here at RIBY, we help you manage your finances through

Riby Group Finance

The Riby Group finance platform helps manage financial records for closed groups of individuals

Riby Peer Lending

Our PeerLending platform automates the process of peers lending peers within a group or company.

Riby Group Buy

Our groups engage with suppliers on our platform to buy items at reduced price in larger quantity / bulk.


Riby is a financial technology solutions company. We provide simple and smart finance management platforms. Our solutions provide cooperatives, company groups, employees, individuals, associations, and financial development institutions a platform to manage their financial activities. These solutions can also be customized to solve specific client problems and provide financial services.

Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep your life on the right track. Natasha Munson

Why Riby is awesome?

Here at Riby we work hard to Bring you the best with our:

Better Rates

Our rates are simple and fair. Our rating system allows us to give more employees access to fair finance


Access to payment through virtual and Plastic visa card, and mobile money wallet


We have the best Network Engineers to ensure an End to End Encryption on every request, with our dedicated server's our system are always fully secured


To be at the forefront of a viable self-sustaining financial management technology solution in Nigeria and Africa at large.

Riby Peer Lending

Easy to make smart investment and apply for quick loans in minutes.
Amazing interest rate to reward investors and borrowers. SECURITY
User's data is secure and will not be shared.
Our service team provides 24/7 customer service support.

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